National Institute of Chemistry


National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia (NIC), is the leading Slovenian research institution in the field of chemistry and related disciplines. Basic and applied research are oriented towards fields which are of long-term importance to both Slovenia and the world: biotechnology, environmental protection, structural and theoretical chemistry, analytical chemistry, materials research, and chemical engineering, through which the institute is in line with the needs of the domestic chemical, pharmaceutical, tire, and food industries. The work of the Institute is also in line with the priority thematic areas of the EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe. NIC has almost 400 employees, which carry out research work in 14 laboratories and two infrastructure centres.”

Main tasks and responsibilities:

NIC is primarily responsible for modelling within the project. In particular, we will use our expertise at all levels of modelling to understand the physical storage of hydrogen, understand the sorbents, catalysts and supports in ammonia synthesis at the atomic level, explain the ammonia synthesis process at the fundamental level, deploy data-driven approach to dynamic process optimization. Moreover, simulations at a higher level will help choose the best reactor design, optimal structures and describe the process at a pilot-plant scale.

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