HySTrAM project aims to build a plant at Technology Readiness Level (TRL5) which demonstrates a production process of green ammonia that is equally cost effective and commercially attractive. The system will test a combination of porous materials and reinforced pressure vessels that will demonstrate lower pressure alternatives for hydrogen storage and safer transport options.

Additionally, the use of ultra-porous materials and pressure vessels will facilitate stable operation parametres for the ammonia synthesis reactor. The employment of sorbents in the synthesis reactor will increase the ammonia conversion thus eliminating the need of the reactant recirculation. This is expected to improve the performance, efficiency and lifetime of the operating system, but also to unlock a descentralised ammonia (NH3) production plan.

Specific objectives

  1. Development of functional catalyst/sorbent materials for ammonia synthesis;
  2. Development of new ultra-porous materials with high H2 capacity;
  3. Realisation of a lightweight composite vessel for physical-adsorption hydrogen storage;
  4. Design, construction, optimisation and demonstration of dynamically operated packed bed reactors for ammonia synthesis;
  5. Demonstration of the overall HySTrAm solution at TRL5; and
  6. Validation of a business case.

In addition, during the project the system will be modelled at different levels i.e.

  • quantum level and microkinetic level simulations of the reactions
  • higher level simulations of the reaction and process with machine learning and AI
  • process level simulations

This holistic modelling approach will ensure that all aspects will be considered and make possible more robust results.


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