Exploitation activities

The project will generate key exploitable results directly applicable into smaller and local ammonia production markets:

  • Advanced materials.
  • New short term storage pressure vessel at very low pressures with respect to the SoA.
  • A new process, green and optimised for ammonia production, thought to cope with renewables and allow smaller scale production, other than large, centralised units.

In addition a  Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Exploitation  Strategy and Business modelling will be performed:

  • LCA: to evaluate the impacts of the materials and processes developed within the project to store and transport hydrogen in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way by applying a life-cycle approach.
  • Exploitation Strategy and Business modelling: in order to promote HyTrAm market impact after project ending, it will define the exploitation or commercial potential of HySTrAm being the basis of the Exploitation strategy and plan of the project.

Throughout the project, the value chain stakeholders analysis and market analysis will also be performed.

The information will be uploaded here.

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