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AAU is a young and dynamic university located in northern Denmark with more than 22,000 students and 3,600 staff. AAU is acknowledged for its ability to transfer best practices from academia to industry and to actively innovate in education by promoting new ways of learning. According to the “US News Ranking”, AAU is #8 in the world ranking of “engineering” and #51 in the world ranking of “Energy and Fuels” (2022). AAU is very experienced with European funding having received 192 H2020 projects and 36 Horizon Europe projects so far. Two departments from the university are involved in the project: AAU Energy and the Project Management Team at AAU Innovation.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

AAU is coordinating the project and is lead for the Reactor unit & Pressure vessel development Work package. As Coordinator, AAU will ensure the overall legal, contractual, financial, and administrative management of the project. On the research side, AAU Energy will contribute with the designing and simulation of the lab-scale ammonia synthesis reactor and the final pilot-scale demonstrator.

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