Expected impacts: Ambition and progress beyond the State-of-the-Art

The ultimate goal of the project is to develop commercially attractive and safe technologies for short- and long-term hydrogen storage, thus enabling distributed hydrogen production, providing new business opportunities and stimulating further research.

HySTrAM will allow to store ammonia at lower pressure and to transport it in much safer conditions, enabling a more descentralised process. Moreover, the use of porous materials and pressure cylinders is expected to create a buffering facility of hydrogen which facilitates the stable operation of the reactor, facilitating a more efficient coupling with renewables for hydrogen production.

The HySTrAm project is expected to have the following outcomes and impacts:

  • Resilient, sustainable and secure (critical) raw materials value chains for EU industrial ecosystems, in support of the twin green and digital transformations;
  • New sustainable-by-design materials with enhanced functionalities and applications in a wide range of industrial processes and consumer products;
  • Leadership in producing materials that provide solutions for clean, toxic/pollutant free environment, decarbonising industry, and safeguarding civil infrastructures;
  • Leadership in circular economy that strengthens cross-sectorial cooperation along the value chain and enable SMEs to transform their activities and business models; and
  • Increased adoption of key digital and enabling technologies in industrial value chains and strategic sectors, paying particular attention to SMEs and start-ups.

Although HySTrAM is considered a Research and Innovation Action (RIA) at low TRL, the development of the technology mobilises a complete value chain of industry representatives and there is a significant scale-up potential foreseen in the current market penetration. A detailed design to support the scale-up will be completed. The HySTrAm consortium will provide the engineering and market capabilities to develop a new turnkey ammonia production technology and industrialise the short-term pressure vessel.

Together with alternative solutions foreseen in the European Hydrogen Strategy, HySTrAM will help unlock the emerging hydrogen economy and the ammonia market.

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