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The HySTrAm project will be working closely together with Dare2x and MAST3RBoost projects to design new approaches to achieve the energy transition.

DARE2x project

logo DARE2X

The DARE2x project gathers expert European partners to disrupt the ammonia (NH3) production landscape by enabling sorption-enhanced plasma-catalytic NH3 synthesis. The ground-breaking approach proposed by DARE2X to the NH3 production will help ensuring the European leadership in the production of this key chemical that is widely used by the chemical and fertilizer industry.


MAST3RBoost project

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The MAST3RBoost project will enable a disruptive path to meet the industry goals by developing the first worldwide adsorption-based demonstrator at the kg-scale. Lightweight vessels –embedding the ultraporous materials – will be created taking advantage of the innovative Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing, with dedicated shapes to better fit on-board specific transportation spaces.


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