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February 22, 2024

Today approximately 80% of the global ammonia production is used by the fertiliser industry making it a pivotal component in ensuring global food security. In addition, its utility extends far beyond encompassing industrial products such as chemicals, fibres and plastics, refrigeration, or cleaning products.

But as most human activities, the extensive use of ammonia in all these applications comes with a price: significant amount of greenhouse emissions.

However, in the current scenario, ammonia still encounters economic and technological obstacles that hinder its viability as a solution for scalable, long-duration, and transportable energy storage.

In this context, the HySTrAm project aims to demonstrate a compact containerised ammonia synthesis system based on two main consecutive stages.

On the one hand, a short-term storage hydrogen vessel that will serve as a buffer to store the hydrogen produced by electrolysis.

On the other hand, an ammonia synthesis reactor based on an improved Haber Bosch process where the stored hydrogen will react with nitrogen to form ammonia using the novel catalysts and sorbents developed in HySTrAm.

“Today, centralised ammonia production is a highly energy-intensive process that produces almost 2% of global CO2 emissions. The HySTrAm project is bringing together experts from across Europe to disrupt ammonia production by enabling decentralised, green production and more flexible operation that is compatible with the intermittent of renewable energy sources.”, Vincenzo Liso, Coordinator of the HySTrAm project.

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