Laying the basis to maximise the exploitation of HySTrAm results!

May 17, 2023

A few months after the launch of the HySTrAm project, Ciaotech already reported the results of the HySTrAm innovation ecosystem which identifies and positions the most relevant stakeholders within the HySTrAm Value Chain. Besides having performed this multi-criteria intelligence analysis,  Ciaotech (PNO Group) set the basis to maximise exploitation potential of the innovations expected to be produced during the HySTrAm project lifecycle.

To this end, Ciaotech led the First Exploitation Workshop  providing key notions on proper intellectual property management in Horizon Europe projects. Alongside, in collaboration with the whole HySTrAm consortium, Ciaotech validated the preliminary list and description of Key Exploitable Results (KERs) as key innovative technological components expected to be generated within project implementation. The KERs analysis is at the basis of the future definition of the preliminary exploitation plan. Furthermore, Ciaotech is now involved in performing a comprehensive Technology and Market Watch analysis as key milestone to be used for dissemination and exploitation purposes.

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